Our Team of highly skilled individuals chases the migration with a passion unsurpassed by any other guide service in or near North Texas or S Oklahoma.


Our guides are professionals, we show up on time, we scout before EVERY hunt. We know where the birds are and we're going to put you where you belong! Under them!

We hunt 100% private property, no public hunting, no pass shooting. We Decoy Birds, every day.... The DTK Way




We Hunt The Migration...


Yup, that's pretty simple, but it's what we do. We don't do Deer, We don't do Hogs. If it fly's we'll chase it. Period!

We have some of the most pristine property located around. We manage our properties for the migration and that's why our success is so high!


Lots of guides tell you they're shooting birds, we don't just say it, we show it. Check out our Facebook page for daily hunt pics!

The Premier Waterfowl Destination

Fully Guided Duck Rates 

250 per gun

No Gun Minimums

Don' t have enough guys, don't worry just come hunt !

just a few from last year

2015 Duck Season Dates

Nov 7 - Nov 29 and Dec 12 to Jan 31

Call for open dates!

2015 Teal Season Dates

Sept 12 to Sept 27 

Call for open dates!

Guided North Texas Duck Hunts

Call or Text at any time to 940-255-5279